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SHamanic Approaches to Natural Beekeeping


Join me for a 9 Month Apprenticeship in Natural Beekeeping, Shamanic Bee Wisdom, Apitherapy, Spiritual Ecology & the Divine Feminine.

The Women's Beekeeping Apprenticeship will be taught in Sebastopol, CA running from February to October, 2018.  The course meets for an extended weekend every other month, with a two hour video conference during alternating months.   Classes will be held on private land in Sebastopol, as well as field trips to other apiaries in the area.  No experience in beekeeping necessary to apply.





• Natural beekeeping methods

• Hands on beekeeping experience

• Work with Warré and Horizontal Top Bar hives

• Shamanic Beekeeping Practices

• Communicating with the Hive

• Spiritual Ecology & Earth-centered Spirituality

• Intuitive work with the Melissae

• Making salves and other hive products

• Meditation & Dreamwork

• Apiculture, Folklore and History

• Seasonal Observance


This course aims to give students a foundational understanding in Bee-centered beekeeping, while working closely with the spirit of the land and wisdom of the honey bee.  Using our own wild and divine feminine nature as guide, we will explore the terrain of intuition, seasonal cycles, ecology and ancestral roots.  With the honey bee as our axis and our access point, we will approach beekeeping from both a shamanic and stewardship perspective.  

Class will establish at least one colony, tending her from birth to winter "tuck-in".  Students are encouraged to raise their own colonies, if possible, in tandem with the course.

A few sets of bee veils and gloves will be provided for group use, but students are encouraged to bring their own.  Full bee protection suits will not be provided and are optional based on student's comfort level.

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The Land  

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The program will be held on a local community farm and learning center with a seasonal creek, herb and food gardens and lush bird life.  The property is a five minute drive from downtown Sebastopol where students will have access to local organic grocery stores, farmers market, restaurants and other resources.  Classes will be held in a beautiful Yurt with a wrap around porch.


2018 Dates

••• Class limited to 12 women •••

Program will start Thursdays at 6pm and end on Sunday by 5pm

All multi-day sessions will be held in Sebastopol, CA

Video conferences to occur during in between months

February Session: 8th - 11th

Video conference One: 11am, March 24

April Session: 12th-15th

Video conference Two: 11am, May 20

June Session: 7th-10th

Video conference Three: 11am, July 15

August Session: 9th-12th

Video conference Four: 11am, September 8th

October Session: 18th - 21st




$1550 (including $200 non-refundable deposit)

(Applicable to those who apply and pay deposit + downpayment of $500 by Jan 1st)


$1650 (including $200 non-refundable deposit)

Deposit will be subtracted from total tuition

••• Payment plans available upon request. •••

Course fee includes teaching, class materials, guest teacher fees, property rental and supplies for class hives.  Classes will be held generally from 10am - 5:30pm unless otherwise specified.  Hive visits will occur at least once a session, depending on weather.  Classes will be taught primarily by Ariella, with occasional guest teacher.

Students are requested to miss no more than 2 weekend sessions.  


Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellations before Feb 1st - will incur a $100 cancellation fee in addition to non-refundable deposit.



Meals and Accommodation 

The Women's Beekeeping Apprenticeship is not a residential program.  However, we do have limited basic accommodation options for out of town students seeking to camp on the property or sleep in the Yurt.  Those interested in sharing an AirBB with other students are welcome to contact me to help facilitate connections.  

Students are encouraged to bring a pack lunch.  There is no refrigerator at the Yurt, but a large cooler will be offered.

"Bee" tea (herbal), green and black teas will be provided during breaks with occasional seasonal snacks.

Thursday class will begin after dinner at 6pm and last 2-3 hours.  Friday and Saturday class will end most days by dinner.  If evening sessions are scheduled, students will know far in advance and can plan accordingly.  Sunday class will end by 5pm.


About Ariella Daly

Ariella is a beekeeper, Melissae, musician and storyteller.  A student of the Path of Pollen, she has studied honey bee shamanism for the past 7 years in the United Kingdom.  Ariella became a beekeeper in 2010 when a feral colony moved into the wall of her home.  She has worked predominantly with alternative hive styles and employs bee-centric apiculture methods.  Ariella developed an interested in earth wisdom at an early age, creating her first herb garden and herbal remedies at the age of 15.  Plant lore and an affinity for traditional folk music led her to study the myth and folk wisdom of her Celtic ancestry.  As a result, she has over 25 years experience designing, leading and participating in Celtic and earth-based practices and ceremony.  She believes in the power of body as guide and nature as ally, committed to fostering relationship between the human and non-human world.  She has worked as a tour guide in Europe, pursued a career as a singer/songwriter, toured extensively in a folk rock band and participated in deep group wilderness emersion.  Today she employs her skills with group facilitation in a number of workshops and classes focused on beekeeping and women's embodied wisdom.