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Dreaming in the Dark







Join me for a wintery dreamwork session in the magical woodlands lands of Mendocino, CA.

Women and the bees are old allies, connected through womb consciousness to the unseen realms. Bees, as ancient spirit allies can pass between this world and the next, helping guide us into and out of non-ordinary reality. We work with the bee for healing, for guidance, for gnosis and for the freedom to flow, as she flows.

Similar to the tele-conference dream courses I offer seasonally, this course will work with shamanic practices to deepen into dreaming as a hive of women with the honey bee as our guide and ally.

We will be working in womb centric dreaming practices, central to the development of oneself as a dreaming vessel. We will engage with nature, art and European bee shamanism techniques as well as actively dreaming together for two nights.

Honey bee colonies cluster in a small tight ball during the cold winter months.  They remain in the darkness of the hive, preserving in their genetic herstory, the memory of flower, meadow and tree.  They hold the vision of what is possible in the land, of what needs healing, and of what will bloom come summer.  I invite you to enter into a winter hive time of visioning.  As the dark time of the year reigns, we take stock of the honey we have gathered and look with our Dreaming Eye toward what seeds we will grow.

This workshop will be taught in an intimate setting and is limited to 12 women/those who identify as she/her.


Friday 5:30pm - 9pm

Saturday 9:30am - 5pm

Sunday 9:30am -5pm



Dreaming in the Dark will be held in the beautiful workshop hearth space of Sister Spinster. The workshop room is five miles from town and has access to forest paths.

Accommodations are not provided, but we recommend Jughandle Creek Farm located about 15 minutes from the the site.

**Note: Accommodation can be hard to find in Mendocino, so book early


Other Bits and BoBs

• Please plan on bringing a pack lunch. There will be be a refrigerator on site.

• The space is heated with a wood fire. Plan accordingly and bring layers and warm socks.

• Mendocino is prone to wet, misty rains this time of year. We may spend time outdoors. Bring rain gear.

• Tea and honey will be provided

• Further joining instructions will be sent once registered

who is this course for?

This course is designed for women and those who identify as she/her who wish to deepen their connection to their own body of wisdom and develop greater skill and capacity in intuitive dream work.  This work will engage with the womb on both a physical and spiritual level. You do not need to have a physical womb to attend, but we WILL be working with the energetic sense of a womb from a perspective of womb space being housed within your body. 



Payments accepted via PayPal, Stripe or Venmo.

Any cancellations before January 15 will incur a $60 cancellation fee.

After I receive your application I will send you a link and code to pay for the course.

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