February Session Audio Files 

These are for students who missed the program or want to refresh their knowledge from our talks.  Please refer to the galleries included below.






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Introduction to Beekeeping - Gallery 2


Swarms and Packages Gallery


Hive Style Gallery

Hive Designs and Painted Hives




Land sit and observance 1x a week:

1) connect with land through bees head and sipping practice.  You are sipping from the earth and the vitality all around you.  

2) Next open your eyes and start to observe the land.  Listen with all of your senses and receptors.  Who's here? Who's blooming? What is the weather doing?  What does the land need?  What is the land telling you?


Share your land notes in a brief email to the group 1x a month on the NEW MOON.  The first sharing will be MARCH 17th


Hive Painting:

Email and discuss with your group of 6 what and how you will paint your hives.  

Photos of each hive will be on site by end of week.  Dimensions upon request.


Please inform me of base colors by March 25 (video conference).  I will provide links to color choices and further information on website.  For now, start collecting any information and inspiration regarding what to paint on the hive and share it with your group:

1 - from your walk 

2 - from your dreams

3 - from your ancestry or heritage

4 - from meditation 

5 - from looking at folk art/ painted hives online.



1. Am I getting bees?

2. What kind of hive?

3. Where am I getting bees from (swarm/package/nuc)? 

4. Where am I getting my hive (build/buy)?

5. Where are my bees going to bee on the land?

6. Is there enough food?  What else can I plant? What does the land need?




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Top Bar Hive

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