Honey bee wisdom

Courses offered via teleconference for those interested in beekeeping, bee wisdom and hive-informed practices

** Note: Tele-courses offered on conference line using a US phone number.  For international participants, I suggest calling in using a service such as Google Voice or Skype. ** 




Tuesdays 5-7pm PST

May 8 - June 5

A five-session teleconference for intentional womb dreaming with the heart of the hive. 

From the deep cave of creation, The Dreamer's threads weave our stories into being.  Carried between the dreaming world and the waking world by our sisters, the honey bees, dreams serve as messages from our subconscious, from our collective knowing, and from the spirit world.  As ancient allies who freely travel between the worlds, honey bees offer us a gateway into the dreaming universe.  


Next course TBD

A three-session teleconference course for bee-centric beekeeping.

Honey bees are calling us to wake up and shift our approach toward our recourses and how we relate to the natural world.  Popular commercial beekeeping practices that do not consider the total well-being of the honey bee are creating heart-breaking consequences for our honey bee population and food sources.  Learn new ways to approach beekeeping that are more natural, connected and sustainable.