June 27 - July 2, 2019

Saint-Vivien, France

Apis|Bee ••• Sophia|Wisdom ••• Exstasis|Ecstacy

Enjoy 6 days and 5 nights at Sol Henge Retreat in the idyllic french countryside, receiving embodied womb-based teachings through engaging with nature, eros and feminine ways of seeing in the dark.

This workshop will be taught in an intimate setting and is limited to 16 women.



The divine feminine is rising. Pushing us to meet ourselves in the fullness of who and what we are. The old ways of knowing are coming back to our embodied selves and we are answering the call. To go deeper. To soften. To roar. To draw upon our nectar. To dance with night. To sip the sun. To awaken the voice of the womb.

With honey bee, our most ancient ally, we turn toward the hum of vitality seeking expression within us. We gather our storied wisdoms in dewy pearls. We move with the ecstasy of the living earth. We become.

Apis Sophia Exstasis Workshop will focus on oracular (intuitive) seeing, understanding that such intuition comes from connecting with your own body's wisdom. Each women will be guided through a series of shamanic practices based in methods from The Path of Pollen. Each woman will make and awaken her own personal scrying mirror, an ancient feminine tool for intuitive wisdom.

The workshop seeks to drop women deeply into their own body of knowing through engaging with the erotic life force energies of nature. We will work with movement, sacred anointment, sound and embodiment practices to awaken the voice of the womb and the heart.


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Ariella Daly 

Ariella is a beekeeper, writer, teacher and musician living in Northern California. Her work with the bee came through a lifelong interest in human connection with the non-human world.  She has studied extensively under The Path of Pollen, a shamanic honey bee tradition based in Europe. Her work is a fusion of her love for the natural world and embodied, wombic practices cultivated through celtic shamanism. 

Ariella works as a natural beekeeping consultant in Sebastopol, CA as well as offering workshops and ceremonies.  She has over 16 years experience leading earth-based ceremonies including seasonal observances and rites of passages such as blessing ways, entering elderhood, and entering marriage.

Ariella seeks to foster a deeper relationship between people and the natural world through honey bees, seeing the bee as a bridge species between our domestic lives and the wild within and around us. She is a lover of wild places, liminal spaces and the song of the land.  She teaches dreamwork, natural beekeeping and women's retreats all guided by the honeyed wisdom of the serpent and the bee.


Gina DeBernardo 

Gina DeBernardo is a woman devoted to her love affair with life and all it's brilliant facets.  Her work has brought her from the warm waters of Florida, to the rugged coast of California, from the tropical breezes of Mexico to the lush hills of England.  She moves through life as a lover of the earth and it's people, practicing the embodiment of ecstasy in a pure, grounded form.

Gina is a skilled bodywork practitioner with over 18 years experience. She spent 6 years in San Francisco working with men, women and couples. Her work combines a unique blend of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Sacred Anointment, embodiment practices and shamanic modalities.

Gina has spent years engaged in advanced teachings within the Path of Pollen, a gynocentric European shamanic tradition which holds the honey bee as its central living symbol. She has assisted on many of the advanced programs offered with the Path of Pollen, including more recent work with men.  Integrating shamanic methods with her own bodywork practices, Gina works with the impersonal use of sexual energy within the body, to awaken us into our divine eros: our life force, creativity, will and the power we have to ignite our dreams into reality.  Her work with clients is a deep dive into discovering your authentic, erotic, fully expressed, sacred self.  

Sol Henge


The workshop will be held at the beautiful Sol Henge Retreat Center.

Sol Henge Retreat can be found in the heart of the unspoilt countryside of the Aquitaine region of France, surrounded by rolling hills filled with sunflowers, vines and maize.  The valley is totally secluded, with 15 acres of private woodland and stunning views.  This is a place of unsurpassed and timeless beauty.  



Meals consist of local, freshly sourced, seasonal, healthy vegetarian food (often from our own vegetable patch and fruit trees). Vegan food is offered on advance request.

All meals will be served outside in the garden.

Students will also have access to a student kitchen which includes refrigerator, stove, tea, coffee and snacks.



Students will be housed in shared bedrooms with single beds. You will have access to shared bathrooms equipped with both tub and shower. Accommodations are in a large, rustic French country house on a quiet property about 15 minutes from the nearest village. A student car will be available onsite to rent for a fee, should you need to travel to the local villages for supplies.


Bed and Breakfast

Bed and self service Breakfast is offered to every retreat guest for one night before and one night after every the retreat stay. The retreat will end at 4pm on July 2nd. Accommodation is not included for this night.

Optional Bed and Breakfast per night  €50

Optional in House Supper on first B and B night €25



This course is designed for women who wish to deepen their connection to their own body of wisdom and develop greater skill and capacity in oracular sight and speaking.  Oracular work is a form of seeing beyond the veil and receiving information from the Otherworld and the Earth herself.  This form of seership can be healing to self, others and the Earth. Through shamanic practices we will seek to engage with the vital life force energy of nature as a source of eros, healing, nourishment and gnosis.   This work will engage with the womb on both a physical and spiritual level.  It is open to women or and those who identify as women or are gender fluid, regardless of whether or not you have a physical womb. 


The Apis Sophia course was an incredible and beautiful life changing experience. Gina and Ariella are so knowledgeable and welcoming, and they created such a nurturing space for the women in the course to create a strong sisterhood. This course opened up doors that I didn’t know existed inside of me. I felt truly held during this great transition, as I learned more about myself and the world around me.
— Katie A.



Secure your spot with a deposit of $220

Payments accepted via PayPal, Stripe or Venmo.

Deposit is non-refundable.

Fee includes lodging, all meals, workshop, and personal scrying mirror. 

Airfare and transportation to Sol Henge not included.

Workshop is limited to 16 women.


Cancellations made before May 1 receive full refund of money paid after non-refundable deposit.

Cancellations after May 1 will receive no refund and all money paid will be forfeit.  

Payment plans available: please contact for details.


Participants are responsible for their own airfare and travel costs.

The closest airports are Bordeaux and Bergerac.  Sol Henge offers an airport transfer for a reduced rate of €50 (cheaper than a taxi).

Participants are also welcome to rent a car and come directly to Sol Henge.