Land sit and observance 1x a week:

1) connect with land through bees head and sipping practice.  You are sipping from the earth and the vitality all around you.  

2) Next open your eyes and start to observe the land.  Listen with all of your senses and receptors.  Who's here? Who's blooming? What is the weather doing? 


Share your land notes in a brief Slack note to the group every Sunday.


Bee JOurnal:

Start a Bee Journal.  Keep track of your hives and/or a nearby hive/wild hive.


- what's happening seasonally

- what's happening at the entrance

- what's happening inside the hive (if you go inside)

 - combine this with your landscape observations in your monthly updates.

  Include a •brief• weekly update of some key points on slack in the #bee-observences channel.


Engage in Sun Sipping Once a week 

Do at least one Polarity Walk between the Wild and the Human between now and our May meeting.  

Research Project:

Have a short paragraph sent to me on your Heritage personal research project by May 1st.  Include what you are researching and 1-3 leading questions or areas of inquiry you will follow in your search. Remember this can be about other pollinators in a region where you have ancestry OR traditional practices to do with bees in that region.

Audio Recordings

(due to audio recording software, all the recording are “sped up”. There is no way for me to fix this so I am simply talking faster than in real life).

Artemis and the Nymphs of Arcadia


Bee Tea and Feeding




Willendorf Hive Visit


Willendorf Spring Build Out


Weekend Photos

(more coming soon!)

Feel free to use or post on social media.