Land sit and observance 1x a week:

1) connect with land through bees head and sipping practice.  You are sipping from the earth and the vitality all around you.  

2) Next open your eyes and start to observe the land.  Listen with all of your senses and receptors.  Who's here? Who's blooming? What is the weather doing?  What does the land need?  What is the land telling you?


Share your land notes in a brief email to the group 1x a month on the NEW MOON.  The next will be May 15th.


Hive Naming:

You are tasked to name each hive.  You were assigned your cells at the last session.

Warré cell, please name you hive by May 20th.  

Top Bar cell, I will be in touch once hive arrives.

Utilize the techniques we've worked on, as well as connecting via a "hive mind" to discover your hive's name.  Use tools like the walk, sipping from the land and dreams to seek images, information, colors and communications about the nature of your hive.  Share these gleanings by May 1st (for Warre) and May 15th (for Top Bar) with your group. 


Suggested Homework:

Start a Bee Journal.  Keep track of your hives and/or a nearby hive/wild hive. 


- what's happening seasonally

- what's happening at the entrance

- what's happening inside the hive (if you go inside)

 - combine this with your landscape observations in your monthly updates.


May Required Reading:


Links and Recommended Reading:

Helios song on Youtube

Here is the youtube recording with the melody I taught you layered over it for you to listen to:

Tom Kenyon (Hathor's)

Warre hive updates:

Wednesday 4/18 - 4 days after installation



Top Bar Hive Update: