A Virtual Offering for New Natural Beekeepers


Bee-coming Beekeepers is a virtual course for men and women held over the 2019 bee season from March - October. Becoming a beekeeper isn’t just about getting bees, it’s about shifting your relationship to the seasons, the flowers, the cycles of life and death on the land.  It’s learning to read the face of a super-organism, aligning your own rhythms with those of the colony and giving yourself the gift of bee time.  


In our world of instant gratification, learning to slow down and listen to the nuanced hum of the a hive becomes necessary medicine to our over-stimulated sensory organs.  Whether you are drawn to the bees to serve, save, keep or explore, you are going to be changed.  If we allow ourselves to soften enough to feel the murmur of the hive, we may even experience communion.  

This course is designed to give you practical beekeeping tools, while challenging you to reach deeper into your own animal body wisdom, to connect with your hive, the land, and the cycles of bloom and decay; life and death.  


At it’s heart, this is a Natural Beekeeping Course.  In it we will discuss ways to tend to the bees that are more bee-centric and treatment free.  I can not promise this course will teach you how to keep your hive alive.  Every hive on this planet is at risk right now.  What I can do, is promise to help you be one of the new beekeepers who is slowly breaking the chain of chemical dependence and mechanized beekeeping. We come here to reweave ourselves back into the life-affirming pattern of things.

In this course you will learn the basics for setting up a hive, top bar hive maintanence methods, bee tea and why we don’t use sugar feed, the hive as a body, seasonal beekeeping, what treatment free means and the benefits/drawbacks and best practices for natural bee husbandry.  We will also explore hive connections, intuitive beekeeping, folklore and nature connection.

What’s Included?

  • An opportunity to learn with a virtual community of aspiring beekeepers.

  • Nine two-hour Hive Gatherings - Held on Video Conference via Zoom from March - October.

  • Homework assignments.

  • A private social group via Slack to share photos, chat and cover various topics as they emerge.  This will give you access to peer support as well as mentorship and encouragement from me.

  • Class web page with photo education, pdfs and other useful tools, updated throughout the series.

  • Three 30-minute individual beekeeping sessions with Ariella conducted over phone or video conference. 

    **If you live in the North Bay or East Bay or San Francisco region you can alternatively choose to combine meetings into a 1 hour - 1.5 hour in person hive meet up during select dates for an extra fee to cover transportation costs.

•••• Class Size Limited ••••


Each Module encompasses the entire month.  Not all topics will be covered in the 90 minute zoom call.  These calls will be reserved for the most pressing educational information geared towards beekeeping and hive practices.  Other topics will be conveyed through articles, PDFs and supplemental audio recordings.

1. March Module: Dreaming into Being (2 calls)

Introduction to the honeybee, hive styles, hive styles,

preparing your hive for spring, getting bees, bee-centric beekeeping.

2. April Module: Birth of a Bee-ing

Hive installations, First inspections, Spring build out, wax & pollen.

3. May Module: Ecstatic Expansion

Spring Build out continued, Telling the Bees, Nectar & Sting

4. June Module: Where the Wild Bees Are

Wild Bees, Varroa, Propolis, Summer Beekeeping

5. July Module: Bee Language, Bee Time

Hive Pests, Summer Beekeeping, Listening to the Bees

6. August Module: Nectar of the Gods

Honey Harvest, Honey for Healing

7. September Module: Drawing In

Fall Beekeeping, Dealing with Loss

8. October: A Song for Slumber

Winterizing your hives, Winter Beekeeping, Next Spring.


The Course is held on a series of Mondays and Sundays.

The course time is always 5pm-7pm PST/8pm-10pm EST

**There are two entry dates. You can join for either. The content from 3/18 will be sent to you if you sign up after that date. The last day to sign up is 3/25.

3/18 - Monday - entry 1

3/25 - Monday - entry 2 (= last date to enter course)

4/8 - Monday

5/6 - Monday

6/9 - Sunday

7/7 - Sunday

8/5 - Monday

9/9 - Monday

10/7 - Monday


$500 - Full Payment

$550 - Two Installments

$560 - Eight Monthly Installments

** 5% of all profit will be donated to the Natural Beekeeping Trust in support of bee husbandry, education and rewilding.


You teach a lot of women’s classes, is this course for women only? Nope! All genders welcome.  (But we will talk a bit about the nature of the feminine in relationship to bees *wink*).

Will the zoom calls be recorded?  Yes, you will have access to all the class recordings

I can’t make every call, can I just watch the recordings? The course is both instructional and participatory.  Therefore you are required to attend at least 7 out of 9.  There will be opportunities to share and ask question in all of the classes.  Each class will be split approximately into 90 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of class sharing or questions.

I don’t live in the United States, is this still possible for me to attend? Yes, as long as the time zones work out and you are able to participate in the class.  I can not speak to climate in other countries as well, but beekeeping remains relatively the same.   This means Europeans won’t be able to attend (unless you wanna wake up at 1am), but timing generally works out for folks east of India.

What if I sign up but then I don’t end up getting bees or my hive dies? Then you have a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in bee education and prepare yourself for success next year.

Yeah, but what if I don’t end up getting bees and decide to drop out? The course is non-refundable BUT you can transfer 50% of your funds towards another class or product from Honey Bee Wild, to be used by 2021.

Okay Okay, but what if I try to order bees and they’re sold out? You can have a full refund up to March 21.  By then you should have ordered your bees.

How does the cost breakdown? The program is $62.50 a month at full payment price, or about $15 a week. This includes the two hour meeting as well as access and engagement with me through Slack. The one-on-one sessions are valued at $90.

Is this program like an online version of the Women’s Beekeeping Apprenticeship? Goodness I wish it could be, but there is just not enough time.  Consider this program 80% natural beekeeping, 10% nature awareness, 10% bee folklore and honeybee magic/wisdom.

Is there really required reading? You bet, gorgeous! WITH homework! (evil laugh).

Bee-Coming Beekeepers
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