Dream Weaving

::: Dreaming with bees and weaving in the dark :::


November 7-11

Sebastopol, California

Enjoy 3 nights and 4 days immersed in shamanic dreamwork on a herb farm in Northern California.

This workshop will be taught in an intimate setting and is limited to 12 people.



Since earliest times, people have turned to dreams to see true; to peer from the dark of night into the woven tapestry of the Otherworld. With honey bee as guide, we will work with the concepts and practices of the Dream Weave and Dream Mirrors to dream delve. As our ancestors did before us, we will engage in collective dreaming, seeking to dream ourselves through the threshold of the Celtic New Year and into greater wholeness offered during the cave time of the year.

When we dream, we weave. We gather the gossamer threads of the cosmos and move them through our bodies of wisdom, our bodies of creation, our bodies of imagination. To dream, we embrace darkness, we embrace our furred and feathered selves, we embrace the stories emanating from our ever-renewing self.

Dream Weaving is a 3.5 day workshop for men, women and non-binary folx seeking to develop shamanic dreaming practices and further explore their own body of knowing. Held at the cross-quarter of Samhain, knowing as the Celtic New Year, we will utilize this time when the veil is thin, to drop more deeply into relationship with spirit and the animate Earth.

The dream practices gathered and shared are predominantly based in the work of the Lyceum (formerly Path of Pollen), a European shamanic tradition which hold's the honey bee as its central motif and ally.

Aside from dream work, this course will be heavily focused on intuitive development and self-discover through nature connection, dream sharing and dream exploration.

This work is both imagination and body based. Within the ways of the bee, we seek to know the wisdom of the earth, stars and cosmos, by recognizing that wisdom within our own form. We dream from the body, we mirror from the body, we listen to the body. In this way, the body is our alchemical chamber of transformation, wisdom, and expression.


Dates and Times:

November 7th - 11th

Thursday: 6pm - evening

Dinner will be at 6:30 followed by opening session 8pm

Friday: 10am - evening

Lunch at 1pm, Dinner at 6:30, evening session at 8pm

Saturday: 10am - evening

Lunch at 1pm, Dinner at 6:30, evening session at 8pm

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Lunch at 1pm

*evening sessions will be 1-2 hours


Meals Provided by Wicked Sisters (a scrumptious sister affiliate of Honey Bee Wild).

Three organic meals a day will consist of freshly sourced, predominantly vegetarian food.

All meals will be served outside in the garden or in the barn.

Students will also have access to a student kitchen which includes refrigerator, stove, tea, coffee and snacks.

• Breakfast will be a self serve option with fruit, bread, tea, coffee and eggs.

• Lunch will include soup, salad and Wildflour Bread

• Dinner will be based on seasonal offerings.

* Dietary needs can be accommodated on request.

Where will We Be?

Sophia Garden



The workshop will be held at the beautiful Sophia’s Garden, home of the Women’s Beekeeping Apprenticeship.

Sophia’s Garden is located about 20 minutes outside of downtown Sebastopol. It is a biodynamic farm maintained by Monique Camp for the cultivation of herbs for hydrosols. In Monique’s own words:

Once a place of sacred space for dances of gratitude offered to the Great Spirit after trading amongst tribes in the nearby hills, Sophia’s Garden is again dedicated to honoring our Mother Earth. The impulse that underlies everything we do here concerns harmony, beauty and order. There is a co-creative endeavor to restore the kingdoms of nature and enliven the soil . There are 6 acres of medicinal herbs grown here. Everything from clary sage to nettle to lavender and more.”

The class will be held in a newly constructed barn as well as the beautiful white dome.

There is a wild hive as well as a top bar hive located on the property, which attendant are welcome to visit and meditate next to.



While this retreat is not a required residential retreat, there is a highly encouraged INDOOR “CAMPING” option.

If you would like to stay on site, you are invited to sleep in the Dome or the Barn. You will be required to bring sleeping mat and bedding. You will be sharing the sleep space with other participants.

The invitation to sleep on site is greatly benefits collective dream work. I highly encourage sleeping in the same space together, as this encourages Dream Incubation and collective dream sharing. Peoples of old used to dream together in dreaming temples. Consider this a sacred opportunity to revivify this practice.

Cost of indoor camping: $75

Includes: indoor sleep spot, bathroom access, full kitchen access.

Due to the nature of the retreat not being able to provide individual rooms, it is your choice if you would prefer to make your own arrangements off property.

Note: if you are traveling far and can not bring a sleeping mat please let us know. There are a limited number of futons available.



This course is designed for women who wish to deepen their connection to their own body of wisdom and develop greater skill and capacity in oracular sight and speaking.  Oracular work is a form of seeing beyond the veil and receiving information from the Otherworld and the Earth herself.  This form of seership can be healing to self, others and the Earth. Through shamanic practices we will seek to engage with the vital life force energy of nature as a source of eros, healing, nourishment and gnosis.   This work will engage with the womb on both a physical and spiritual level.  It is open to women or and those who identify as women or are gender fluid, regardless of whether or not you have a physical womb. 



$450 With Camping

$375 Without Camping

Payment Plans available upon registration.

Fee does not include transportation or lodging if staying off-site.


Cancellations made before Oct 25 receive full refund of money paid after non-refundable deposit.

Cancellations after Oct 25 will receive no refund and all money paid will be forfeit.  

If Honey Bee Wild cancels the program for any reason you will receive a full refund.

Payment plans available: please contact info@honeybeewild.com for details.

Ariella Headshot 1.jpg

Ariella Daly 

Ariella is a beekeeper, writer, teacher and musician living in Northern California. Her work with the bee came through a lifelong interest in human connection with the non-human world.  She has studied extensively under The Path of Pollen, a shamanic honey bee tradition based in Europe. Her work is a fusion of her love for the natural world and embodied, wombic practices cultivated through celtic shamanism. 

Ariella works as a natural beekeeping consultant in Sebastopol, CA as well as offering workshops and ceremonies.  She has over 16 years experience leading earth-based ceremonies including seasonal observances and rites of passages such as blessing ways, entering elderhood, and entering marriage.

Ariella seeks to foster a deeper relationship between people and the natural world through honey bees, seeing the bee as a bridge species between our domestic lives and the wild within and around us. She is a lover of wild places, liminal spaces and the song of the land.  She teaches dreamwork, natural beekeeping and women's retreats all guided by the honeyed wisdom of the serpent and the bee.


Let’s do FAQ for all those little questions in the back of your mind…..

  1. Will we be working with bees?

    No, not directly. However, there is a wild log hive and a top bar hive on the property you will be free to sit with. If you are interested in working with me and bees you can check out my Women’s Beekeeping Apprenticeship or one-to-one mentorship.

  2. . I’m (fill in the blank for dietary needs) can you accommodate me?

    Unless you only eat bugs or rare fruits from New Zealand, yes, we can accommodate you. The meals are predominantly vegetarian with possible fish and chicken options. We will not be serving beef, lamb or other red meat.

  3. If I camp, will genders be separated?

    No. We’re all adults. Sleep where you want and be respectful of the sacred container.

  4. I don’t remember my dreams, should I still come?

    Yes. Even if you don’t remember a single dream from the weekend, there will be ample ways to work with dreams, the imagination and intuition. Plus, you may find techniques that help you remember your dreams better.

  5. Will the workshop teach me how to lucid dream?

    No. This workshop is about collective dreaming, intuitive development and a technique called dream mirroring. Lucid dreaming, while beautiful, is not the aim of the class.

  6. Will the workshop teach me how to fly?


  7. What are the facilities like?

    Okay, so full transparency. This is the countryside. It’s rustic and simple. Beautiful, but definitely a working farm. So the kitchen is tiny, but cute and functional. The toilet is flushing, but sensitive. There are spider webs and dust. If you need a more upscale scene this is probably not the workshop for you. If you want to sleep in groves of apple trees with bees humming in the distance, come on over.

  8. I took one of your online dreaming courses. Is this the same?

    Yes and no. Dream mirroring will be utilized, but the methods and processes around it are different when working in person. We will also engage inother practices that can ultimately only be taught in person. In my opinion, I never pass up an opportunity to further tune my dream mirroring skills. Plus, the land informs our dreams, which is a component that is unique to in person workshops.

  9. What will I need to bring?

    A dream journal, reusable water bottle, extra personal snacks if needed, layers for varied weather, shoes for being outdoors, flashlight, and sleeping gear if needed. Temperatures range from around 50-60 degrees at night and up to 70 degrees in the day. Fog may make things damp. It could rain. There could be rainbows.

  10. Is there an age limit?

    Yes. The age limit is 18 and older. Please enquire if you are younger and interested in this work.