Honey bee wisdom for intentional dreaming

Heart of Snow by Edward Robert Hughes

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TUESDAYS October 22 - November 19


5pm - 7pm PST


5pm - 7pm GMT

(10am-12pm PST Oct 22/29 and 9am - 11am PST Nov 5/13/19)


Dreaming with Bees: Autumn
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A 5 part course by teleconference

From the deep cave of creation, The Dreamer's threads weave our stories into being.  Carried between the dreaming world and the waking world by our sisters, the honey bees, dreams serve as messages from our subconscious, from our collective knowing, and from the spirit world.  As ancient allies who freely travel between the worlds, honey bees offer us a gateway into the dreaming universe.  

Revered throughout time and history, the honey bee has long ties with the divine feminine, priestesshoods of ancient Greece and practices of Celtic origin.  In this course we will dive into some of the historic and symbolic meaning behind the honey bee and learn how to intentionally draw her teachings into our dreamscape.  

Honey bees reflect the bounty of the earth, bringing forth the fruits of the land through their dedicated love affair with flowers.  By late summer, hives are heavy with golden honey: the sweet story of the seasons preserved.  It is a time for gathering, harvesting, celebrating light and preparing the dark nest of the hive for winter.  Beginning on the potent Corn moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius we will dive into the world of imagination, vision and shamanic dreaming, with the honey bee as our guide.

This course will be taught in a small group.  Each attendant will be invited to share at least one of their dreams with the group over the span of four weeks.  


This is a participatory class.  Each student will have the opportunity to share a dream and have it reflected upon by classmates.  If you do not feel comfortable sharing in a group, that is fine. We are creating a vessel; a container of support for deep work.


Session 1:

Introduction to Intentional Dreaming & The Hive

Session 2:

Bee Priestesses and Dream Allies

Session 3:

Healing Dreams & the Sting

Session 4:

Imagination & Nectar: Dream Re-entry

Session 5:

Dream Weaves and Mirrors


Each session will include: 

  • A teaching on honey bee nature & wisdom

  • Guidance and practices for dream tending and dream recall

  • A sharing and group mirroring of participants dreams

  • A weekly dream intention for collective dreaming based on bee medicine

Spring BeeS Session: 

TUESDAYS October 22 - November 19

Two Hour teleconference

5pm PST/8pm EST


5pm - 7pm GMT

If you are attending the 5-7 GMT time but are on PST or EST your class times are as follows:

Oct 22/ 29: 10am - 12pm PST/1pm - 4pm EST

Nov 5/12/19: 9am - 11am PST/12pm - 3pm EST

••••Attendance mandatory for first and last session••••


Registration: $150

$100 if paid before September 21

(please enquire if you would prefer a payment plan: ariella@honeybeewild.com)

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What will you receive?

  • How to dream with intention & have a meaningful dream life

  • Honey bee wisdom and keys to accessing this medicine on your own

  • A deeper understanding of the honey bee species

  • An opportunity to collectively explore symbolic language

  • How to work with dream allies

  • Tools for remembering your dreams

  • An opportunity to share and ask questions with a group

Who is this course for?  

This course is womb-centric and designed for women or those seeking to explore their own feminine principal.  It is for those individuals who seek a stronger connection to their inner Creatrix.  It is beneficial for those who have a lot of experience with sacred dreaming, and those who are new to learning how to track your dreams.  You do not need to be able to consistently remember your dreams, although experience in keeping a dream journal will prove helpful.  You do not need to be a beekeeper or know anything about bees to take this course, although it will most definitely enhance your relationship to honey bees regardless of your experience with their medicine. 


How do you attend?

The course will be held on a conference call.  After you register, you will be given a toll-free US number to call in, as well as instructions for how to prepare for the first session.  You can attend the call from the comfort of your own home. The course will be offered on United States dial in number.  If you are an international participant please take this into consideration and sign up for a service such as skype or google voice for cheaper/free rates.


Who is Ariella?

Before I became a beekeeper in skirts, I was and remain an avid story seeker and dream tender.  I have been a student of dream work throughout my adult life, specializing in the celtic-shamanic traditions of my heritage.  I have designed and held ceremony for large and small groups, worked as in intuitive, held women's circles and dream circles, and studied European folk music and lore.  

My journey into beekeeping was through my introduction to the Path of Pollen, a British shamanic tradition currently taught in the United Kingdom.  This path recognizes its women as Melissae, a Greek term for "Bee" and a title held by the oracular Bee Priestesses of ancient Greece.  After meeting the Honey Bee as a spirit ally I began working with her in physical form.  

My work combines first-hand knowledge of the honey bee species with an intimate understanding of shamanic bee wisdom and practices.  I do not teach Path of Pollen practices, but my all my work is heavily informed by my experience with these ways.  



Karla Capacetti  - Beekeeper, North Carolina

Ariella's Dreaming with Bees class is a delicious communion of inner and outer realms, the way she weaves together the gifts of the hive. The whole experience offered me a taste of bee magic and encouraged me to discover more of their medicine on my own. During our time together I witnessed myself open to new possibilities, new perspectives, and new interpretations of the symbols curated by the bees and their gentle spirits. Every week was a sweet reminder of why I'm committed to serving the honey bee in dreaming and waking hours and how to continue walking between the worlds. I would recommend this course for anyone who is even slightly intrigued by bees, dreaming, or magic!



Seren Rubens - Yoga teacher, California

Ariella's 'Dreaming with Bees' course helped me to relate to my dreams in a whole new way.  Working with other women in this course and having the chance to share dreams, listen to dreams, and reflect different perspectives and intuitive hits to each other was invaluable.  Not only was it really FUN, but I was astonished by the insights and wisdom that came through every single time.  I learned so much about how to really LISTEN to dreams and their messages from a deeply embodied place, rather than just analyzing the symbols in a completely cerebral way. 

Ariella's wisdom and guidance throughout this course is what made it exceptional.  She held the container in a way that was heartfelt, authentic and fun.  Her experience, wisdom and passion for these subjects is obvious and infectious.  The way that she weaves the teaching of the honeybee, goddess wisdom, embodied knowing, and the realm of dreams is seamless and insightful.  She is deeply intuitive, and has a way of reflecting back dreams that cuts right to the meaty heart of things.  



Christine Pensa - Artist at Art That Moves, Toronto, Ontario

When I saw Ariella’s course, Dreaming with Bees, I knew it was time to open back up to my dreams, after many years of closing down to the images and messages coming to me in my sleeping state. The course work was hugely transformational for me. I felt tenderly guided and honoured throughout the 5 weeks we were dreaming together. Learning to work with the Bees, and weaving their love through my dreamtime has led to big changes and openings in my heartspace. The messages I continue to get by implementing the practices are like gifts falling from the sky, and I’m gathering them in delight. 

Ariella’s grounded and powerful guidance held the space beautifully for all 13 sister dreamers in the class. She helped us to develop sacred dreamtime practices and weave the golden threads we found there into our waking lives. I know my awareness has been shifted to one where seamless intuitive messages now run through my meditations, my shamanic journeys, my waking life—and now joyfully—my dreamtime! Dreaming with Bees and Ariella’s divine presence shepherding us through this course was a glorious gift!


Blessed Bee!