Land sit and observance 1x a week:

1) connect with land through bees head and sipping practice.  You are sipping from the earth and the vitality all around you.  

2) Next open your eyes and start to observe the land.  Listen with all of your senses and receptors.  Who's here? Who's blooming? What is the weather doing?  What does the land need?  What is the land telling you?


Share your land notes in a brief email to the group 1x a month on the NEW MOON

Please send an email with both last month and this month's land/hive observations to the group by July 13th.

Remember that this practice is about connecting to the rhythm of place.  Who is flowering? Who is passing through? What's growing? How is the season moving?  This practice is based in listening first with the womb and then observing with your eyes as well as all your senses.  It is a very useful practice for beekeeping/gardening/etc.  In the next session we will ad a layer called "Sipping".



As part of our Telling the Bees practice, we will each be sharing a folk story with the hives and each other.  You will be in pairs/groups of three.  We will have two storytellings in August and two storytelling in October when we put the bees to bed for the winter.  

Some parameters:

- Stories should be between 10-20 minutes (no more).

- Stories should be rooted in folk tales/myths/fairytales. 

- You are welcome to craft and retell them with your own flair

- You are going to work on this in a group, but you can decide if you are all going to speak/tell or if you will have one storyteller and others to help craft the tale.

- You can have notes/you can read the story if you need to, but aim toward telling.

- Find a story that speaks to both (or all three of you).  This could mean choosing a region to do some research in, such as Lithuanian folk tales, or it can mean finding a topic or a goddess/god you would like to tell a story about.  

- Make it your own.

- We are not in a storytelling program here.  This is simply a practice.  A way to open ourselves into the language of myth as a language that can move us between states of awareness and connectivity to magic/ancestors/the land.  

- If you have trouble finding a story please contact me and I will offer some suggestions.

- For inspiration watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwTFV3XFRb4


Story Partners/Groups:

Nicole & Danielle - August

Kea & Liz - October 

Mary, Dana, Sunali - August

Elena, Hannah, Brittnie - October



Onyx has provided some photos from her digital takes.  She is also working on video footage and developing film.  You can see the photos here.  Please credit her if you post any on social media:



Download PIN: 6519