Natural Beekeeping Practices for Living Harmoniously with Bees

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Tuesdays 5pm-7pm PST

November 7, 14 & 21st

Honey bees have long been guides and allies to humankind.  From the time of the honey hunters depicted on ancient cave walls, humans have revered the honey bee for her life-giving, healing powers and the honey that is her ambrosia.  Loss of habitat/forage, pesticide use and commercial beekeeping practices have sent honey bee populations into severe decline.  In response to this, a worldwide movement of natural beekeepers has emerged: those who seek to find a more sustainable, bee-centric approach to living with bees.

In this course we will learn how to understand the honey bee physiologically, energetically and symbolically, so that we may better serve the species.  We will discuss how to become a beekeeper, natural beekeeping practices, tools for communicating with your hive.

The course will include at least one guided meditation for connecting deeper with the hive.

Course Fee: $75

*Payment per session also accepted


Sessions will occur generally as follows:

Session 1:

• Introduction to the honey bee

Session 2:


• How to prepare for bees/become a beekeeper

• Alternative Hive Styes

Session 3:


• Inspecting a Colony

•  Seasons of the Bee

• Communicating with bees


This course is designed to give you the tools to begin your journey into beekeeping.  It is an introductory course.  For more in depth studies, I offer mentorship in person and over the phone.



This course is designed for those seeking to understand natural beekeeping practices, basic beekeeping skills or top-bar beekeeping.  It is for those with an open mind toward the sentient intelligence of the honey bee colony.  It is for those who are already beekeepers and seeking to enhance their knowledge base, or those who are interested in becoming beekeepers.

This course is taught in January to encourage those interested in beekeeping to prepare for the rapidly approaching spring.  Colonies can only be started once a year between March and June.



The course will be held on a conference call.  After you register, you will be given a toll-free US number to call in, as well as instructions for how to prepare for the first session.  You can attend the call from the comfort of your own home.  You will also have the opportunity to listen to a recording of the call between sessions if you miss one.  Attendance to at least 2 calls is mandatory.



I have been practicing natural beekeeping since 2010.  I caught my first swarm after a health crisis and experienced profound healing from working with honey bees in a top bar hive.  I am an advocate for treatment-free beekeeping, foundationless hives and listening to the hum.

My journey into beekeeping was through my introduction to the Path of Pollen, a British shamanic tradition currently taught in the United Kingdom.  This path recognizes its women as Melissae, a Greek term for "Bee" and a title held by the oracular Bee Priestesses of ancient Greece.  After meeting the Honey Bee as a spirit ally I began working with her in physical form.  

My work combines first-hand knowledge of the honey bee species with an intimate understanding of shamanic bee wisdom and practices.  I do not teach Path of Pollen practices, but my all my work is heavily informed by my experience with these ways.