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The sting is a unique medicine, because it is at once her greatest offering and her sacrifice.

  • -  Only the female who possesses a stinger.

  • -  The maiden bee does not use her stinger to kill her prey or battle it out with other sisters like

    some animals might during a mating season. She uses her stinger to defend her home.

  • -  She is one piece of a much larger organism, and for that organism to survive, sometimes a

    bee will give her life.

    When she stings a human/bear/animal, the barb hooks into your skin and as she flies free, it separates from her body, causing her death.

  • -  The venom sac will continue to pump venom into your body, so the sooner you can scrape

    free the stinger the better.

  • -  That being said, in shamanic tradition of the Path of Pollen, bee sting has been used to

    induce altered states. Simon Buxton writes about his initiation through bee sting into the path of pollen in his book.

  • -  Used for healing since at least the time of ancient Greece.


    The venom from a sting causes a healing response, bringing fluid and blood and heat to the area around the sting. Often people thing this is an allergic response, but it is not the kind we need fear.

  • - Venom stimulates a healthy immune system response throughout the body and especially at the

    sting site.

  • -  Bee venom has anti-inflamatories, anti bacterial, anti-viral properties.

  • -  The venoms of most stinging insects including honey bees consisted of enzymes, protein,

    peptides, and a verity of smaller molecules

  • - An estimated 18 to 20 naturally occurring antibiotics and antivirals can be found in bee venom, along with anti-inflammatory and pain reduction substances. Bee stings can also trigger reactions in the human body that generate healing properties that would otherwise remain dormant.

  • -  The first sting, (or stings), induces the production of the allergy causing antibody, immunoglobulin E (IgE), by the body resulting in the sensitization of the individual to the venom. Later when the now hipper sensitive individual is stung again, the venom causes an IgE-mediate allergic reaction. Normal and allergic reaction to stings can vary enormously from individual to individual

  • -  Benefits of bee sting include: improved circulation, less fatigue and a feeling of "well-being", asthma, light coughs, seasonal allergies, epilepsy, emotional distress, burnout, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, grief, heaviness in the head and depression.

    Often when we are going through a major point of healing we have a healing crisis or a major healing response, where things get a bit ugly before getting better. We are seeing this potential and cry for healing on a national, global and environmental level. The bees are very much the clarion call to action. Toward healing or wholling. Toward sustainability. Toward love. They are beings of pure love. Their sting is an act of love. It is a distillation of the medicine of the hive and the medicine of the land.

“The sting.
I inject myself into you; when you sleep, you dream of possibility. Even the discomfort is to awaken you. I kiss to start you up. The turn is the fire of love.

My venom cures disease and purifies the blood by stimulating the cleansing process, but not by removing a substance. No, this cleansing is by transformation. We commingle our matter in a pulsing swelling that rises up like a small hive under your skin. Wild within the small cosmos, it calls your attention. Immerse yourself into this heightened awareness, and feel the helix that is my signature.

I die into you that we both may live.
— Jacqueline Freeman

Images of Winterized Hives:

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August Dreaming Coagulation:

The bee people are gathering.  Apian in form and flow. 

The terrain is old and new.  Foreign and familiar.  We come to the crack in the earth and see it as wound.  We come to the crack in the earth and see it as renewal.  Death becoming life becoming death and we can not save them.  We can not save them all.  So brave mistresses at the loom, gather in your threads, stretching back across time and lineage.  Gather in your tender lovers. Your sisters. Your brave children.  Your old memory.  The bee people are gathering.  The sing and chatter behind and around you in apian flow.  And you, in your circle round the clack, clack, clack of the spinning wheel, you are weaving a pattern that reshapes reality.  

The war is all around you.  The chaos is here.  The home is broken.  And still you weave, daring to claim your joy. To claim your darkness.  To fill the cracks with Ichor. With god fluid.  The widow is at work.  It’s time to consume. To renew. To clean up the house, my dears.  You can only rebuild from the inside out.  From upside down.  From your own juices.  The bee people are gathering, speaking in their strange tongue, and you are weaving yourself anew, riding on the cushions of their chatter and song.  Spin yourself to life.  Out of gold. Out of black. 

Thank You.